I have to earn money for study!
Kind Where? Comments
Translation a comment on GeForce and Radeon for Geeks
Public relations to gather photos from overseas via phone, fax, emails...
Buiilding Web builder Univ., government offices, agencies, and so on popular business
Translator & Cam International PC game show at LosAngeles
Writer Applied Linguistic Dictionary, English education and Computers my main occupation
Colum writer Monthly magazine pocket money
Company DigitalEnglish and so on. working as a CTO
Lecturere Computer Lecture for English Teachers summer session
Desk Top Publishing Ainu Dictionary and more than 20 books I started '93
System Administrato Digital Hollywood TYO Required networking technichs
Database operator Law firm I work on Mon. and Wed..
Assistant Instructor a university on Tue., Thu., and Fri..
Video engineer Package videos filming and editing
Video switcher velfarre other events called VJ
Teacher national university the subject is "Research technic"
Teacher a University PC for dummies
univ. student
News boy during highschool it strengthened me
First food service at hamburger restaurant standard part time job
Lunch box cooker cooked deep fried lotus root filled with musterd only 3 days
Computer shop sales, installing, and assembling the shop is on the decline.
Lecturer teached Japanese, though I'm an English teacher in a prep school at Shinjuku
Private lecturer teached Mathematics, though ... for the owner of rented house
Frame builder welding, and filing bicycles I'm good at handwork