In Japan, there is a monthly magazine named "Free and Easy". I am one of a columnist on the magazine who spot a brand-new goods just started to sell, or things which mere to bring about.

The lists shown below are linked to scanned images of my columns (though Japanese).

Here is the website of the magazine

Last revised 09/07/11

When? What? Comments
2009 Aug How to check your heart rate while swimming heart rate monitor of FINS
2009 Jul wine container for picnic platypath for wine
2009 Jul brand-new but retro taste radio receiver brionvega
2009 Jul portable charger can be rolled like a paper rollable solar charger
2009 Jul new survival jacket weigh only 55 grams solartec aero vest
2009 Jul time lapse camera for planters garden watch cam
2009 Jul cassette tapes will be hear or digitized instantly Cassette to Digital
2009 Jun WideScreen plus weather forecast Timex WS4
2009 Jun Check the course before you run on street view Adidas running map
2009 Jun Analog player for good recording quality Stanton USB player
2009 Jun Accurate as a pen laser mouse from Elecom
2009 Apr Electric bike with elegance Enertia
2009 Apr helmet with disguising a cap YAKKAY
2009 Apr Room shoes for inside and outside of a haouse Newbalance A12
2009 Apr Information rabbit nabaztag
2009 Apr 24 watchin system for planters easybloom
2009 Mar Count down starts easily countdouwn clock
2009 Feb Speedy Eco-car built speedy electric mini
2009 Feb athlete-level workout by ordinary bicycle cycle meter
2009 Feb 40 year old chair turned into a listening room ovalia egg chair
2009 Jan Tempo and Beat propells you fast BodiBeat
2009 Jan Portable WiFistation via PHS Relay point from willcom
2009 Jan Keyboard+monitor=micro word processor pomera
2009 Jan HMD from Nikon UP300X
2008 Dec Wireless speaker only for roadracers portable BT speaker
2008 Dec Keep the secret in USB memory Dial Lock for USB connector
2008 Oct swim well by just listening speedo!? water proof MP3 player
2008 Sep Run into field! Enjoy party afterwards. adidas republic
2008 Sep Hands-free PC !? brain wave driven mouse
2008 Sep LED bulb and Hybrid bulb for next generation FL bulb
2008 Aug Freewtiting by using pen-like mouse mouse pen
2008 Jul suitable for muscle man headset of Jabra
2008 Jul digital photo frame with touch control photo frame from pandigital
2008 Jul mp3 player for shower time water proof mp3 player
2008 Jul sanctuary for digital gadgets bluerounge's charging station
2008 Jul you are the driver, we are the engine and drinkers pedalpub
2008 Jun I can't believe that this bike runs by motor. good looking hyblid bike
2008 Jun Cable buster for PC packing box by bluelounge
2008 Jun Audio quality PC PC by onkyo
2008 Jun Run! with your hand ceize a cellphone gps site for au
2008 May Shrinkable helmet for bookshelf Tatamet
2008 May a keybord for URL and remote control logicool's small BT keyboard
2008 May Shoot and upload on the spot Eye-fi
2008 May Wash air by water!? eneloop air fresher
2008 May Metalic vacuum for cool living escargot by Toshiba
2008 Apr How to make the espresso coffe without heating. Handpresso
2008 Apr Absolutely wireless earphone senheiser WX M1
2008 Apr Good lookin', erabolate function! peripherals by Belkin
2008 Mar Traditional yet Ecological leather bag with solar panel
2008 Mar Microwave oven anyware portable microwave
2008 Feb Hard to join The NZ's Race Kepler Challenge
2008 Feb Your technic is shown and heard DIY Speaker
2008 Jan run the software, and run on the road JogNote mobile
2008 Jan Finish the race and you're a true trail runner Hasegawa Tsuneo cup
2007 Dec red segway has genuine leather handle segway sold from Ferrari store
2007 Dec Fly neighbors by F16 Flight simulator on GoogleEarth
2007 Dec full-sized keyboard for cellerphone ultra small keyboard
2007 Nov Ultra small LED headlamp for emergency Petzl e-lite
2007 Nov Weigh accurately, even in 50g units a weighing machine for IRONMAN
2007 Nov Watching a TV like Luke AV Projector for SW fans
2007 Nov Shut the window before you use a vacuum vacuum woth ultra clean filter
2007 Aug Hakone Trail Race boasts its toughness and scenery OSJ Hakone 50K
2007 Aug Share USB devices via wireless network wireless USB hub using network
2007 Jul Good looks makes good sound. Vacuum tube amplifier
2007 Jul Listen to the music without Ear drums bone-conduction headphone
2007 Jul It floats, it lights, it plays sound; Healing player. bathroom-iPod
2007 Jul Even it can run fast(?) Pininfarina design external Hard drive
2007 Jul Use the bottle as a lantern Light Cap
2007 Jun I enjoyed "1st Shonan International Marathon Race" an essay of Marathon race
2007 May Only three key keyboard OLED keyboard by Optimus
2007 May Turn on the light to see the silhouette a light for enjoying silhouette
2007 May Go to Google for job hunting without an appointment! Diary of job hunting
2007 Apr Connect to PC via USB memory Health meter
2007 Mar Build, Display, and Control a Metal Robot Robot kit
2007 Mar Durable hard disk in your pocket 1.8 inch portable harddisks
2007 Mar 760mm of spaceship Yamato large scale plastic model of yamato
2007 Mar Modern erectric brick has its brain microcontroller
2007 Feb Ecological and Beautiful: Eneloop design Solar battery charger
2007 Jan Flip and begin your presentation Microsoft Wireless mouse
2007 Jan I hope I could learn Japanese history with this site. NipponStyle
2007 Jan Tennis machine with a racquet SwingShot
2006 Dec Just Plug it in! The battery will be charged. USBCELL
2006 Dec IEEE802.1 controls a trolling boat Radio controlled fishing boat
2006 Dec U can buy vintage-but-new clocks Nixie tube kits
2006 Nov U don't have to remember where to take photos Sony GPS Unit
2006 Nov New wind for big scale models Radio Controlled Cranes, Trucks
2006 Nov Keyboard with stationary console MyKeyO
2006 Nov USB Carte for avoiding misconduction USB Memory like Medical ID
2006 Oct There is a headphone plug, there is a DC outlet. Inflight Power
2006 Oct Easy location-free-TV like chatting. Skype for TV
2006 Oct Drive underwater! a submarine for rest of us
2006 Oct one for scissors, five for shredder scissors like shredder
2006 Sep u can see stars without patience a chair for astronomer
2006 Sep flip before u sleep, flip after u woke up alarm clock
2006 Sep how to listen radios via iPod a radio with USB connection
2006 Sep stand alone wireless network detector network adapter "dempa otoko"
2006 Sep SNS for athlete JogNote
2006 Aug himitsukichi USB periferals
2006 Aug screen for PDAs or iPods ultra small HUD
2006 Aug a seed in a can desktop planter
2006 Aug cool or hot seat cover seat cover
2006 Aug when u want both bike and bicycle a front wheel with engine
2006 Aug for gamers or day traders multi display for PCs
2006 Aug so many missions for fun microsoft flight simulator
2006 Jul Tidy desktop by stylish KVM switcher KVM switcher
2006 Jul Google changes our viewpoint Google earth
2006 Jul See the temperature in distance Infrared thermometer
2006 Jun Big gadget for summer vacation motorpowered floating mat and hovercraft
2006 Jun Insert the card and secure Security card for Note PC
2006 Jun AeroBike+Bus=Running Fitness Club? BusBike
2006 Jun Lane change allowed Digital slot racing
2006 May MOTOR cycle ENV bike
2006 May Open and work, close to recharge eNook
2006 May White watch for painting WaterColorWatch
2006 Apr Just add on to your helmet character helmet cover
2006 Apr Throw and shoot it ball shaped usb cam
2006 Apr Wallet friendly USB memory card size usb memory
2006 Apr Hang on a wall or seize in your hand PONG clock/game
2006 Apr Smart ideas for waking you up alarm clocks
2006 Mar Enjoy TV games and get physical! tread mill like controller
2006 Mar Alphabetical passwords for locks new key pads
2006 Mar PCs are in the wall, data are in the block fashionable PC and HDD
2006 Mar Latest technology for bikes headup display for helmets
2006 Feb Pinpoint shot by Laser beam a cue with laser pointer
2006 Feb all the data of tempereture are logged an ultra small data logger
2006 Jan Make up! before you begin the race Sports photo service
2006 Jan Keyless entry at anywhere you like Infra Red lock pad
2006 Jan The lightest carbon buillder's cups Schmolke's cup'n saucer
2006 Jan The smallest and easiest USB TV tuner CINERGY XS
2006 Jan Want to use Mac even in a car? Minidock! Mobile kit for mac mini
2006 Jan Detect the radiation around you! a watch with giger counter
2005 Dec memory deck for celphone or PSB memory video recorder
2005 Dec rely on the hospital on your wrist SIEMENS MDKeeper
2005 Dec your LEGO can be an official package LEGO digital designer
2005 Nov New face among Extreme sports FLYBAR
2005 Nov Wash your hands above golden fish Glass made sink
2005 Sep Q: How to show the difference from others.? A: Original Emblem
2005 Sep Q: Can we print on glass? A:CO2 Laser printer
2005 Sep Q: How to show your photos? A:
2005 Aug Just plug it in PoE powered Clock
2005 Jul Go home for watching stars planetalium for home
2005 Jul Map for dummies 3D paper map
2005 Jul want to watch TV in other country? network TV server software
2005 Jul Exhaust note for bicycles sounding silencer for BMX
2005 Jun prepare for shock during games drive simulator
2005 Jun just put on and the battery will be recharged battery charger without contact
2005 Jun keyless entry among pets door with inflared key
2005 Jun more confortable to stand up than sit down chairs for lean
2005 Jun Amazon's new way for searching DVDs jackets for search
2005 Mar Latest mail shows messages on leaves seeds with message
2005 Mar LEGO like kit for adults Cube (figure kit)
2005 Apr start shooting from a sky or sea Lens kit for VCR
2005 Apr wild at heart rings for emergency rings for intruding or escaping
2005 Apr I'm an actor in iPod CM!? iPodify our photos
2005 Apr Men should finish by exploding portable suicide button
2005 Mar 7 successive punch for personal info. handy shuredder
2005 Mar co-worker joined action figure more action figures
2005 Mar Creative game used for interior SpaceWarp
2005 Feb Mil spec. LED flashlight Surefire flashlight
2005 Feb free from battery alarm Jacket with solar panel
2005 Feb we can see up to 3 inches Map service by Google
2005 Feb "Outfoxed" for video creators a downloadable movie
2005 Feb I wanna be a dolphin! a dolphin like submarine
2005 Jan Don't play with my mind! a mind controlled table soccer game.
2005 Jan Don't play hockey with a vacuum! a hover-craft like vacuum cleaner
2005 Jan Gifts for Geeks
2005 Jan no PDAs, a micro PC with keyboard Windows XP computer by QOO
2004 Dec Water proof, Shock proof, and Theft proof handy case for Laptop PCs Pizza box laptop PC case.
2004 Dec Analog-mind digital watch LED watch
2004 Nov Largest and Smallest uni wheel bikes Gyro-balanced unicycles.
2004 Nov Even old PCs work as a second display Maxivista
2004 Oct It must be the final weapon for Armstrong OAKLEY thump (MP3 player)
2004 Oct Photoshop contest Worth 1000 web site
2004 Oct Japan's web ad won Cannes Cyber Lion NEC ECOTONOHA
2004 Sep OTAKU has been sold as a toy action figure
2004 Sep Simulation games for seeing another world PC games for 2004 winter
2004 Aug Run without fear adidas one
2004 Jul A brand new adventure using GPS degree confluence
2004 Jul Use the watch as a celphone Watch produced by Meiwa denki
2004 Jun Buy Museum goods via Net SFMoMA, MoMA and so on.
2004 May Keep cool AS you work office supplies by Despair
2004 May Metallic fish are really cool Hubcap art
2004 May Go to beach with Real-Ethnic music iTunes like service by Smithonian
2004 Apr Virus are near at hand anatomical toys
2004 Apr Toy weapons for peace rubber band guns
2004 Apr Dream machine has come a device for dreaming at will
2004 Apr Do games be slender game controller 4 excercise
2004 Mar Next generation motorcycle has only one wheel segway like mortorcycle
2004 Mar Ask your speed to stars GPS watch with speedmeter
2004 Feb A gifr from Nausicaa Nausicaa's long riffle
2004 Jan Hello! now Mantas are overhead under water telephone & FM radio
2004 Jan Why don't you work at LEGO? they r searching for a builder
2004 Jan Shoot and transfer your photo into a necklace ! NOKIA's necklace with LCD
2004 Jan Instantmessenger without PC ! ! toy messenger
2003 Dec You can see the sea floor all clear canoe
2003 Dec Simple radio for streaming broadcast stand alone streaming radio
2003 Nov SEGWAY can be used acrobatically new wheel chair
2003 Nov Commemoration photography with an ironing board new extreme sports
2003 Oct Historical Muscle car will be released Ford GT40
2003 Oct Just grance above, and see your back Helmet equipped with back mirror
2003 Oct a state-of-art skate boarding photos Photographer for skateboarders
2003 Sep Music everywhere USB memory watch
2003 Aug Enjoy corners with full covered bike! All weather bikes
2003 Jun This latest desk looks funny even you work serious. Multi function desk
2003 May Bring your Digital Camera into the beach! Water proof housing for digital cameras
2003 Mar Paper-Rider doesn't mean a poor-rider paper crafts
2003 Jan Re-use lap top PCs for Digital Photo Stands Photo frame for digital cameras
2002 Nov Hold dog races! using MechaDog Dog like plastic models that runs!
2002 Nov Just dance it! and u r musician simple music apparatus
2002 Sep Columbia univ. Prof designed for facilitating Billiard u can be a hustler
2002 Aug Produced by US Army. Good gamers will be invited combat game for PC
2002 Jul But u can't through your camera into a river amaging digitalcamera
2002 Jun a snack CAN will be a device for LAN antenna for wireless LAN
2002 May u can't finish skiing artificial ski park in UK
2002 May Hawaii, pets, and local scenery r at a glance web cams broadcasting various spots
2002 Apr Ride on Choro-Q Choro-Q at full-size
2002 Apr Run into a jam-packed train with your CD, PDA, and other devices! a vest equipped with electorical harness
2002 Apr Go to Harajuku by my Helicopter! personal helicopter
2002 Mar Internet game designed by LEGO simple net games
2002 Mar An adult can be a schientist? electrical cubics
2002 Mar shoot it, snap it toy digital cameras
2002 Feb u can own your ideal body paper mannequin
2002 Feb A controller for celler phone games have released u can enjoy games with game pads
2001 Dec u can understand her real intention measuring instrument for brain waves
2001 Nov We wish we could be someone different transformation
2001 Nov Gundom for adults big scale plastic models
2001 Sep Golden Lion will breathe water for u gorgeous bathe
2001 Aug do u want a brand new US army car? Military Car
2001 Aug they fly a car! Skycar
2001 Jun i wish LEGO will be a homework LEGO bricks
2001 May famous painting transformed into big 3D art ART Box
2001 May Deep Flight! Submarine
2001 Apr wanna be a Lucas? earthnoize will help u! Video Solutions
2001 Mar internet = radiostation = CD seller Napster
2001 Feb the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives. FBI WEB
2000 Oct pretend to be a secretary web scheduler
2000 Oct Which is the best noodle restaurant? Liquid Borg
2000 Sep enjoy internet itself WEB Abusing
2000 May we grade your web: Free & Easy web site marked minus 180!? W3C Validation
2000 Feb Solve the encryption and get $100000 decode contest on web
2000 Jan Have u finished sending christmas/new year greeting cards? web greeting cards
1999 Nov Are u Kevin Costner? Why dont u drive Aspen city? Ultimate Taxi
1999 Aug "Close Encounter of the third kind" by my computer SETI
1999 Jul u can create websites for free.!Really? geocities
1999 Jun German, American, and Japanese can chat at the SAME TIME they determined swatch time
1999 May Listen musics by solid box MP3
1999 Apr mail magazine enable us to learn English, make girl friends... mail magazine
1999 May How to get a good mailaddress? free mail