I often loves trivial things. One of them are shown below; I love warning-plate for wet floor. When I see them, take them by my digital camerra on the spot.
When you happen to find the plates not shown below, take pictures and shoot me.
Click and enlarge the images.

a001 LA Westin Hotel
When we see it without any context, the picture shows a man nearly catched up by seaweeds.
a002 LA ConventionCenter
It is hard to identify the plate just a glance.
a003 LA NewOtani
Some will misunderstand by seeing this plate; You have to go into fire when escaping. The intention may be Go down the fire without using elevators.
a004 Hakodate Japan
These plates are situated in front of a restaurant. Right plate reads "Be careful not to stumble over a level difference."
a005 Tokyo Japan Sunshine City
If only the level difference is written, it turns out to be stairs. This is written even to people! Since he is walking in the direction to leave, "alley of separation" implications come out, either?
a006 Shinjuku Takashima-ya
Not an ordinal sign.
The form of garbage has fallen in the form where made documents soppy and they were collapsed. It is the meaning that documents not to be looked at by people will be thrown away here.
a007 Tozai line Takadanobaba stn.
Water avoids a face and is flowing to the opposite side.

Since deviation with the awkwardness of thing and an illustration is intense, this sign is interesting.

a008 Ikebukuro Tobu
The sticker which it has stopped looking at recently. Since the advance direction and the contrary are turned to, the triangular board moved toward people and this man has thrown the head, he is wonderful. Since the authorities have noticed it recently, it is under reduction.
a009 Akasaka Capital Tokyu
It discovered in the miscellaneous-goods store. Since there were not man's not drawing and a character sequence of WETFLOOR, it moved here. Especially since Mr. KOBI is dear, it carries (smile).
010 Escalator at Seibu Ikebukuro
Like Tobu in ikebukuro, Seibu also have old pictgram at escalators. The difference between Tobu's(#008) and Seibu's is that 1. the man on the belt lost weight. 2. there are slanted line on the man. 3. the arrow of moving is missing. 4. the man is not hit by the sign 2003.10.31
011 Yoyogi station at Oedo line
I often do such action. What is wrong with him?


012 Yui rail at Okinawa
This line had an accident on the first day the line is newly appeared. Thats why the child is standing on the home and nearly fallen. 2003.11.10
013 Net cafe at Kokusai dori in Okinawa
I think he was taken from the sign of exit. This sign is arranged as if he is shouting the price and advantages of the cafe. 2003.11.10
014 an excavation site in Okinawa
I like this sign board because of many features. 1.The characters are written in poor hand. 2. The boy digging the soil wears hat, and long socks. 3. He have stereo typed bone on his hand. 2003.11.11
015 a shop near Kiyomizu dera
I saw look a like sign board on a magazine which says "ADULTS IN CAR"


016 sign often hanged on doors
I often bring the sign when i use hotels. Now I just take photos instead :) The icons seem to be taken from sports sign I think. 2003.11.23
017 port liner in Hyogo
Threre are five icons in the same place. In yamanote line, there are four icons. Injured man should go home instead of riding in a train. 2003.11.24
018 in an elevator
The sign says "don't use elevator when a fire or earthquake. The shape of the man shows clear and present danger. 2003.11.24
019 escalator at Rokko island
The sign says Keep off. When they want to keep us off, the man should face straight to us. The man's direction must tell us the dangerous spot. 2003.11.24
020 top end of an escalator
This sign is the main purpose of taking a picture though No.19 is ented first. In this sign, the step looks thin; we can grasp what kind of danger is waiting after. From another point of view, he is seen as he enjoying bon dance. 2003.11.24
021 subway Namba station
This sign uses two icons, subway and EXIT. It is a good example of drawing a picture when we don't have enough skill of designing. 2003.11.24
022 Shin-Osaka station
The sign of "Don't rush into trains". In Osaka, he kick into the train. I don't know whether he could get into the train. 2003.11.24
023 subway Tozai line
Same as #022, this sign shows "Don't rush into trains". Unlike #022, he could get into the train. The trouble is that he is too tall to stand still in the train. 2003.12.12
024 back door in Ikebukuro TOBU
We often see the upper sign. This is the first time I see the lower sign. I like the lower sign because the dog seems cute. 2003.12.14
025 Walk this way
At first sight, this sign board is not a special one, but it has some different feature. He has a joint on his left arm. He leans forward.
026 Bump ahead
I found near Waseda University. There are many kind of "Bump ahead" sign, but this one is special because the car is split by the bump. 2003.12.28
027 trash can
I don't know why trashing people is drawn like geometrical pattern. The garbages are four small paper.
028 subway Hakozakimiyamae station
He has three fingers and distorted legs. I don't know what is on his face; is it nose or cap? 2003.12.23
029 on the road
In Chiyoda-ku, there are no-smokin or no trashing. Thats why we can see the pictgrams on the road.
030 Beams at Shinjuku
This is a room ramp. They sell it at the half of the price because of the SALE. The twins are boys. But another pict shows that there is a girl's pictgram.
031 Biccamera in Ikebukuro
At first glance, I didn't show any interest about it. The second glance, I noticed that his crotch had swollen. I think the phenomenon is due to the brush type of Paint software.
032 Nescafe Espresso
He has big legs and short body. His right arm is raised upper than shoulder line.
He is dumping a bottle from the left of the trash can. Though the pictgram is drawn well, his legs are short and poor hand.