kind title
paper Calibrated sound by computer: waseda univ.
paper Case study on correcting pronunciation: waseda univ.
paper Forward path in classrooms: waseda univ.
presentation A Study on the Perception of Consonants
in the Network Era: VictoriaUniversity
presentation When and how to use CAI: international christian univ.
presentation Using intelligent CAI: tezukayama univ.
presentation Network savvy CAI material: Korea Univ
editing A Concordance of Shames Heenee: waseda univ.
editing Dictionary of Ainu language: sofukan
editing Ainu language materials: waseda univ.
editing Ainu language lylic materials: waseda univ.
editing Ainu language concordance: waseda univ.
editing Winers'96: magazine house
article Internet '95: magazine house
article Artificial insemination and ethics: magazine house
article Freedon of expression in internet: magazine house
interview Macintosh vs Windows: penthouse japon
interview Cult-figures in '90s: magazine house
writer English education and computers: waseda publishing
writer Applied linguistic dictionary: kenkyu-sha
lecture Using computers for teaching: waseda univ.
lecture Research technics: a goverment univ.
build A system for learning business English: eenglish
im going to add other studies when i remember some of them.