I often loves trivial things. One of them are shown below; I love warning-plate for wet floor. When I see them, take them by my digital camerra on the spot.
When you happen to find the plates not shown below, take pictures and shoot me.
Click and enlarge the images.

0001 LA Convention Center
Outlined human in light yellow.
The surface shows waves.
0002 LA Downtown YOSHINOYA
Made with nylon like fablic, this warning looks a tent. The picture shows the boundary of hands and foots.
0003 Shinjuku Tokyo Japan
This plate has three remarkable spots. 1-s/he slips on the left leg, 2- his/her vector of moment is shown by an arrow, 3-substance which causes the trouble is drown by perse.
0004 LA BiverlyHilton
S/he is nearly fallen. When the sign is rotated by 60 degrees clockwise, it will be used as "school near at hand". The hotel was not a good hotel though i had thought it must be good hotel....
0005 LA Downtown YOSHINOYA-2
In the same spot as 0002, another warning was found. I think this kind of warning is popular also in japan.
0006 LA Airport
This corn was found at BurgerKing in LAX international airport..Because of protect-less slip motion, s/he must be hit hard.
0007 LA ConventionCenter
Same as the picture of 0005, but this plate has three language; Deutsch, English, Spanish.
0008 Hawaii SHEERS
Four plates were brought for only one water leeking spot. One of the plate is different from other three plates.
0009 Hawaii Hyatt Regency
Unlike other warnings, this warning is situated regulary at the midest of the hotel because the area is often wet.
SLIPPY WHEN WET is rare expression among these plates.
0010 Mexico Airport
Even in the airport, leeking is found in Mexico. The plate seems ordinal, but it can be used as NO ENTER by turning over. The difference also found in spelling; ENTRE British English!
0011 Hawaii Outrigger Waikiki on The Beach
We can see that this picture is identical to 0006 because of her/his span of arms and the width of neck. Since the picture is made just flipped holizontally, s/he lean to left.
0012 LA UCLA Hedrick Hall
While throwing away the old photographs on a desk, I happen to find this photo. The date reads '94.9.18... It is surprising that
although it is the plan which was being warmed from before -- being such photos -- having collected such things for many years.
Since a photograph was taken in the lumber room of a school, it is a dreary photograph.

This man is bowing, and when he looks at overall balance, he does not not much have a feeling of tension as he is doing the performance of the "INOCHI."

Since it has placed on the ground, I think that it is not a "floor" but the "ground." Since it has got dry, although it cannot declare, it means that water probably collects around this.
A photograph is taken in the toilet in Haneda Airport. A right leg is strangely long and it differs from others in that two lines are drawn in the direction on which it slides.
This plate is what the worker who appeared suddenly built to the place of the automated-teller of the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank. Although it is not WETFLOOR but "under cleaning", the display "be easy to slide and careful since it is under cleaning" Since this man seems to avoid something, if it says which it is, he is visible to the sign of "vomiting thing cautions."
This photograph is what was photoed in the supermarket of Irvine near Los Angeles. The feature is insensitive although it is the same design as 0005 or 0007. Depth perception and a feeling of a life have come out, and it is a very much desirable photograph.
A photograph is taken at the marine-products counter of the supermarket of Irvine. The child is peeping into instead of an aquarium. It is not for preventing entering and going on that occasion, and since it is a plate for calling attention, a corn type warning with little installation area is desirable.
At the shopping mall of Irvine It is the first entry to have drawn "!" instead of people. since there is a risk of what it slides on not being only man and sliding also on a bicycle, a cat, and a dog -- a certain meaning -- an exact warning
A photograph is taken at the shopping mall of Irvine. This is a photograph with many features. There is a separate swelling in this board in the portions of CAUTION and WETFLOOR. Furthermore, the water surface is written to the bottom of a character. A joint is in a right hand. The highest feature is a point which this man has protruded from the surrounding frame. Furthermore, if it says, those who are present in the back are sexy.
In the supermarket of Irvine.
Although it is the same as that of 0002, it is an isosceles triangle here. Since it is form variable, one side can be folded and it can also use in board. However, the carrot is sold in large quantities.
The training pants counter of the supermarket of Irvine. Why does this place get wet? The warning is orange and it is a cone form. And this is the first time that warning is vertical writing. Furthermore, the bar code is stuck on the top.
The lumber room of the supermarket of Irvine. It is under standby with a mop not with under use. Since it is used indoors, a preservation state is very good. If it uses exposing this to a rainstorm, does it weather like 0012 or 0014?
The front of hotel Extended Stay America of Irvine. It can classify as those who have almost fallen. Since it is used in a hotel, the highest preservation state.
Before the toilet of Extended Stay America. Although it is written as CAUTION, not as WETFLOOR. The idea which has a risk of sliding judged with this picture. Even so, they are a beautiful floor and a wall.
The entrance of the Los Angeles airport. Although this man resembles 0001 and 0027, a left hand and a left leg are not parallel and it differs at the point that a trunk is short. Furthermore, two "!" are located on people, and two or more water surface is located in a line with the bottom of people like a washboard. The most characteristic one is a point without a character. It can export all over the world.
The toilet of the Los Angeles airport. If the form of a corn, people's form, and a color are seen, it can be concluded that it is the same as 0001. An arm on either side is parallel, a left hand and a left leg are parallel, and what has the water surface of two layers downward is classified into this category.
The toilet of the Los Angeles airport. The role of PRECAUTION is played although it is written as CAUTION. Also faithfully, it arranges at each entrance. Although details cannot be seen, probably it is the same as 0025.
At the Los Angeles airport Although 0023 and 0030 are resembled, if it often sees, the frame and the vertical line are separated clearly. Furthermore, it is distinguishable from other things in that description with "SAFETY FIRST" is seen as a new character sequence.
Inside of the fast food restaurant of the Los Angeles airport. Although it looks similarly to 0018 and 0023 when it glances, the character sequence is different. This is written to be CUIDADO although it is written to the bottom of CAUTION of a red character sequence as PRECAUTION in many cases. Spanish.