Amino Vital Cup 03/04/20

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Receptionist scenery. A tent is SUZUKI MOTOR.
At the time of preliminary inspection A left road is not run and it is right road we ride.
Course outline.
A garbage collection bag fashion with usual
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The tire of a front new article is conspicuous.
The under of a T-shirt is a garbage bag because of the measure against rain.
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Noodles Ryders who frolics before a start is continuous. It is not messy in it being unexpected.
A signal gun sounds and starts suddenly. say at least 3-2-1 -
Banana's Porsche. The mud of a tire tells a road surface.
The place divided on this tape is run and a number is advertized to the staff. the man of a receptionist a while ago -- here -- an appearance ~2
A V-sign is sent with 100 yen working gloves.
Mamezo dive into chicane.
Out of chicane.
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Number plate is reattached. The loss for 20 seconds
Play ground is the bottom of the slope.
Banana challenges to the slope.
Fancy arm warmers!
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A cherry tree is beautiful.
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Mamezo is attacking up hill
Banana is also attacking the hill
Banana is explaining the beauty of the tree.
Banana who reaches while humming a tune. If example of the face of No. 51 should be followed
The degree of a hill is known when a player in behind is seen.
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Banana just behind a race. Future is special character exertion.
Mamezo finished. left girls were exchanged immediately before
We just finished.
The fish dealer near Sagamiko which suited while having returned. The style is nothing which metropolitan area.
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It is four-week continuation ? at Sizzler
Since it vacated one wine by in the car, I drunk beer uniquely..