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. My digital cameras ratings
Panasonic DMC-FX7 2004/08/27 52,800 yen @Yodobashi Camera
Like Xacti, I bought with expectation and found the best camera up to now. Although the size of this camera is nearly the same size as EXILIM, FX7 has unti-shake system, zoom lens, 2.5inch LCD. Only drawback is battery life; only 120 shots per one battery. I bought 2 batteries at rowa as soon as I bought one.
On top of the function EX-M1 has, this camera is equipped with lens barrier and macro mode. The only drawback is the lens is not suitable for night shot.
I bought this camera on the day they started to sell. I hoped this camera will be my ideal camera ever, however, its response can not satisfy me.... so slow when I take pictures at night.
Quick, beautiful, and small. The only weak spot is that this camera has no macro mode which I often use for shooting menus or catalogs. When they will release the new one with zoom and macro, I will buy on the spot and replace with SANYO DSC-SX550.
Che-ez! Spyz
Just a Zippo-sized camera sold at 70 US dollar. This camera has no LCD display nor removal memory, but takes beautiful images and work quickly. Now I settle this camera near a printer in a univ. to see whether the printer works.
Nikon COOLPIX 2500
This camera has swivel lens, 3x zoom, lithium battery, and 2megapixel ccd, but I hate it. It take us 10 seconds to take a picture or to delete a picture; incredible slow! I presented to my friend as soon as I bought it, and came to use SANYO again.
Almost same as SX150 but has intelligent LSI function which extend the battery life at 150% longer than previous model. I use this camera for business in game show.
Quick response and crisp image. On top of these advantages, this camera offers battery discharge system which can not be seen other cameras. The only weakspot is consumption of battery when used with IBM microdrive.
FUJI FinePix700
1.5 megapixel ccd show us crisp images. The flaws are no swivel lens, slow start up, and portrait styled body. I used this camera as a still picture player at velfarre (well known disco in japan) when I worked as a VJ.
This is the first digital camera I used. Compact, quick, and useful. The swivel lens enable us to take self portrait by ourselves.