Lake Kawaguchi and Niigata tour (for business)

On my way to Lake, I dropped in at a bicycle shop in Hachioji.

Full power ahead on Route 20.

Because of rainy season, this picture tells us humidity.

Took a rest at Lake Sagami.

It is hard to guess what they sells.

Historical road shows us old houses

A kind old man told me the way to the lake.

When I got to the destination, lectures had started.

At midnight, they leave their PCs with turning on.


Just the moment I took photo, co-teacher asked me.

We had lunch for fried shrimp. It looks like students' dining hall.

In the midst of the lecture.

A view from Route 20.

I bought "Paopao beer" with "Paopao shirts" <g>

Last stop at Kunitachi city.
Niigata Tour>

"Wine and Dine" in Tokyo stn.. They sell good number of wines.

I bought a white beer and a small Mateus rose.

At Niigata stn. bus schedule can be printed for free!

Here we are.

I ate BBQ for dinner.

In front of the Restaurant.

Network apparatuses are situated into wash stand.

I ate deep fried pork lunch on the second day.

The entrance of the restaurant.

The first lecture was hard because I talked all day long.

After the lecture, we went to have dinner.

Niigata is famous for sea food.

Nihon sea and island sado is seen from laboratory.

The second lecture was not so busy as I thought.

In students' dining hall, I ate fried rice.

This is the way I teach how to make HTML files.

a Chicken is found on our table.

Though the fish looks terrible face, so delicious.

Students' dining hall was packed to capcity.

I ate deep fried pork, tuna salad, and boiled egg.

Advertisement of the #2 students' dining hall.

After finishing 3 day lecture, I drunk an iced coffee.

Pork and vegetables grilled on skewer.

Japanese wine and grilled fish. The grilled fish was the best grilled fish in my life.

Leaving the univ. The same angle as I entered the univ.

I found a bicycle shop. The shop had a good parts which I searched for years.

Staut beer was sold at Niigata stn. but somewhat expensive.

Two storied train's view and beer and lunch.

This gadget is the parts I struggled to search before.

I got off at Echigo Yuzawa stn. and dropped in Ponshu-Kan.

I was surprised to see the figures.

Their advertisement.

Sake-tasting machine station.

"Samurai" is the strongest sake in japan; 45% of alcohol.

We can taste 100 brands of sake.

Minatoya tosuke was mild like water.

Machine#1 was Onikoroshi. Not so delicious as I thougt.

Ski-Masamune was ordinary taste... but they don't sell at small bottle.

Dive into sake-bath!

Entrance of sake-bath.

I found sake-barrels in undressing room.

Sakes for bathing

After bathing, I hopped on Toki-express. In the train, I drunk Stout beer dazzling a bicycle parts.