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Futsal I play once a week in a futsal team "flourish"
By nature, I'm not good at ball games, so ...
Marathon In 2002, I took part in Mt. Fuji climbing race, and Kyoto Fukuchiyama Marathon. I ran 42.195Km in 3 hours and 59 minutes. Always I run to home.
Inline skate / mini skateboard In the term of summer session at UCLA, I skate to school. Now I enjoy inlineskate for training of skiing.
Mini ski I use BigFoot for successive 7 seasons; now i own 3 sets of BigFoots.
With all equipments, I can no extreme tricks, nor half pipes.
Billiards In the middle of practicing... I want players to play with.
Bicycle For years I have participated in bicycle races. The results in the race are shown below.
I'm a winner at...
Century run across Kyushu, Kannabe-Cup, Miyake island round race, Maruishi-Cup, Kumamoto RoadRace, RRA mountain cycling, Kikuchi century run

2nd prizes:
Tokyo municipal race, Japan cycle road race, Greenpia Miki Shimano-Cup

and so on

Schedule of '03 Marathon:
Mt. Fuji climbing race, and Kyoto Fukuchiyama Marathon

100Km mountainbike race, and Norikura hill climb race

I will add other races later on ...

Result 2003/7/25 Mt. Fuji climb race 4hour4minute 435/3000 th

2003/6/1 TOKYO Enduro 4hour Solo 3rd prize