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03/12/07 Several items are added on to "Omen Riders"

03/12/02 Free and Easy updated

03/11/14 an album of Okinawa tour is added on "Photogallery"

03/10/31 Free and Easy updated

03/10/13 NiwatoriManiacsAWETFLOORAFavorites are updated and added.

03/10/11 an album of Ekiden Carnival 2003 is added on "Photogallery"

03/09/07 Hanno training is added on to "Omen Riders"

03/09/06 a link is added on "misc"

03/09/01 an album of Lake Kawaguchi/Niigta tour is added on "Photogallery"

03/08/31 Free and Easy updated

03/08/03 a simple movie was added on "Videogallery"

03/07/29 Results of Fuji tozan marathon is added on "Omen Riders".

03/07/29 an album of Mt. Fuji Marathon is added on "Photogallery"

03/07/12 "Omen Riders" rearranged drastically.

03/07/09 a banner like picture is added on "misc"

03/07/07 new items are added on "WETFLOOR"

03/07/01 Free and Easy updated

03/06/28 ADSL modem has changed. Now you can see this page without irritating <g>

03/06/25 "WETFLOOR" is released.

03/06/20 "Today's body weight/fat" has been moved to "Today's...". ID has added on to "Profile".

03/06/19 reduced the width of the pages

03/06/17 various updates are now in cession. Priceless, WETFLOOR, Diary, BBS will be updated soon.

03/06/15 "Omen Riders" and "Photogallery" updated

03/06/06 "Niwatori Maniacs" updated

03/06/05 a pict of my distorted vaio is added on to "misc"

03/06/02 "Omen Riders" and "Photogallery" updated

03/05/31 Today's weight and body fat is added on to "Profile"

03/05/25 a pict of "Profile" changed <g>

03/05/25 "Omen Riders" updated

03/05/20 E3 Expo 2003 was added on to Photogallery + updated.(05/24)

03/05/01 Free and Easy updated

03/04/28 HIDE was added on UCLA CLUB

03/04/24 "Omen Riders" added and updated

03/04/22 AminoVitalCup was added on to Photogallery

03/04/14 Fuji challenge 200 was added on to Photogallery

03/04/12 UCLA CLUB added

03/04/02 Free and Easy updated. New items added on to Favorates

03/03/31 Large movie added on "Omen Riders". weired link added on misc

03/03/25 impression of new camera added in Photogallery

03/03/17 SkiTour added in Photogallery

03/03/10 "Omen Riders" updated

03/03/03 Niwatori Maniacs updated

03/02/24 "What's new" added

03/02/05 "Omen Riders" added

03/01/31 "BBS" added (only in Japanese)